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Oct 20, 2020

Low Tide at Soberanes Point


A low tide and a flat sea and barely a star to sail her by... it goes something like that. This time our industrious recordist woke in the wee-small hours in order to get to their chosen location at the prescribed time. The prescribed time was before sunrise as low tide was happening a bit before sunrise and recording needs to commence well before then and the gear needs to be set up and, of course, one has to factor in the time used stumbling around on difficult terrain with about 40 lbs of gear in the dark.

Quiet seas out by the tide pools. Low, rolling wavelets that slursh through the channels and gurgle into the chambers that make up the broken and convoluted shoreline. This is a lovely, wet and delicious recording, ... And... there are over two hours of it

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  Low Tide at Soberanes Point

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