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About Chicken House Records

At Chicken House Records we focus on a diverse and select group of artists. There are lots of music companies out there that push Hip-Hop, Pop music and those genres that pull in the "Big Bucks," they also get to deal with the big headaches and litigations that seem to go along with said profits.

We take a more laid back approach. Is the music interesting? Is it different? Are the people fun and easy to get along with? OK then we may be onto something.

Perhaps it is a low bar, but for us it is a limbo bar and one we enjoy wiggling under.

All of our titles are available on most streaming services world wide, as well as for purchase on Amazon, Apple Music. and most especially Band Camp. Band Camp is a great service to Independent artist and distributes most of the money to the artists. Which is how we do it here at Chicken House Records.

If you are interested in licensing any of the tracks of our artists, please contact is using our handy-dandy contact form. We will get back to you promptly.


Tin MAn


Cherry Blossom Sunrise
Coffee Time Rag
The Tiny Jalopy
My Latin Bouquet
Lazy Day Waltz
Ocean Waves at Molera Point, Big Sur, Ca
Frog Hollow
Ring Ring (the telephone rings)
The Bunnies Parade
Skipping Over the Lily Pads
Alaskan Songbirds by Mosquito Lake
Spring Songbirds, Patterson California
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