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Jan 14, 2021

Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera


It was a cold October week in Wyoming when our adventurous recordist decided to poke their gear at the fumaroles and other attractions of Yellowstone. Off peak times of year have fewer noisy humans about which increases the odds of capturing a acceptable, uninterrupted length of recording. Yellowstone is fascinating. in some areas you feel like you are standing upon a giant teakettle that is boiling furiously. If there are no people around so you can sit on the boardwalks you can feel the ground moving as huge bubbles of gas shift from chamber to chamber in the earth beneath you.

But even in the off-season Yellowstone is interesting enough that it attracts lots of people. So our recordist wasn't able to capture the lengthy recordings that we love. But that didn't stop them from dangling their smallest microphones into the throats of tiny gurglers. or setting up their larger mics on billowing belchers. From the nature of the place, there is a lot of sub-sonic sounds. We toned them down a bit, but if you have a good sub-woofer, you might enjoy sitting on it while listening to some of these.

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  Volcanic Sounds of the Yellowstone Caldera

Cherry Blossom Sunrise
The Tiny Jalopy
Coffee Time Rag
My Latin Bouquet
Lazy Day Waltz
Ocean Waves at Molera Point, Big Sur, Ca
Frog Hollow
Ring Ring (the telephone rings)
The Bunnies Parade
Skipping Over the Lily Pads
Alaskan Songbirds by Mosquito Lake
Spring Songbirds, Patterson California
Gravity Wave
The Optimistic Nihilist
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