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Sep 15, 2015

The Optimistic Nihilist

The Optimistic Nihilist Cover

Clarence Pfricht was having a bad week. Everything was going wrong. Everything always goes wrong. Everything had nothing better to do than go wrong because if they didn't go wrong, they would only go worse.

Some things never change. Clarence was quite sure that they never would change,I mean, why should they? after all, Clarence was Clarence and nothing good ever happens to Clarence.

Monday moved to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday. Everything went wrong, as everything always went wrong. But Clarence had an edge. Clarence had become so attuned to how bad things really were that he started noticing when they weren't quite so bad. The cream hadn't clotted when he poured it into his coffee that morning. The coffee still had that burnt flavor, but it wasn't quite so bad as all that. ...And on Friday morning he was able to find two socks that matched... and that seemed almost good.

And that afternoon..., as the clock slowly creeped toward quitting time, the power didn't go out; A thunderstorm didn't start; The bully three cubicles down hadn't caught sight of him.....

Maybe it would be a good weekend after all.

Clarence could always hope.

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  The Optimistic Nihilist

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