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Dec 22, 2014


Starlight Cover

The evening is an unchanging thing. The Earth spins us out of the sunlight and into the night and we pass through the luminal ombre of dusk to get there. And as we pass through the dusk the starts don't appear, they don't move across the sky... we, move beneath them as they shine in their seemingly infinite and unchanging poses.

It is distance, alone, that gives the starlight that placid and serene appearance. It is distances of lightyears to thousands of lightyears that tame the fierce radiance of our sun into the tiny glimmers that bejewel the night sky we pass beneath.

As we pass beneath, we should dance. Dance.... The days of our lives, our daily routines, our interactions with lovers and friends. Dance because it is the best thing to do and we have such a short time in which to do it. The evening will always be here, it is an unchanging thing, and we spin beneath as if on butterfly wings.

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