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Oct 26, 2012

Plays Scott Joplin

Gerluz Plays Scott Joplin Cover

Gerluz plays twenty-one of Scott Joplins favorite ragtime pieces. While you might be familiar with some of these pieces, Gerluz plays each in his own way.

There are some people who think that Scott Joplin's music needs to be played strictly to the notes on the sheet music. But you must remember that to sell the most copies of sheet music it must be:
first, good music, Scott Joplin had that covered. and,
Second, easy enough to play that most of the people who tried it got enough satisfaction from the results that they would want to buy the next title from the same composer.
Additionally, the publisher wanted to have the music printed as cheaply as possible so sections were reapeated Scott might have been saying "No, but the second repetition must be altered by so and so." towhich the publisher probably replied "but that would require an extra four pages of layout and printing which would nearly double our costs... Sorry Scott, we'll put the repeats there."

With those thought in mind Gerluz has applied his mind and talents to create interpretations of Scott Joplin's music that are vibrant and engaging. We're sure you will agree.

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  Plays Scott Joplin
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