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Apr 03, 2020

Ocean Waves at Molera Point, Big Sur, Ca


The ocean speaks in a thousand voices, Sometimes it roars, other times it whispers and yet others it sits there and waits for you to say something first. On the day our perseverant recordist was there the ocean was speaking fairly strongly. The recording was made by Big Sur, California. Right where the Big Sur river meets the ocean at Molera Point. The recording is about ninety minutes long with the apex of high tide occurring just about smack dab in the middle.

The Microphones were set up facing the cliff that defines the point. The river comes in on the right channel and meets the ocean vaguely in front of where the mics were placed... with the cycles of waves, the exact point moves 30 feet or so in either direction just as the water level in front of the mics can rise or fall 12 inches or so every 15 minutes.

The Ocean was in a pretty full voice that day and our recordist was thrilled to get such high levels on their recording device... That said, we recommend turning the volume down first when you are listening to it... maybe way down, It's a background recording not a rock song.

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  Ocean Waves at Molera Point, Big Sur, Ca

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