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Apr 23, 2020

Lazy Day Waltz

Lazy Day waltz cover

You've had one of those days... sitting at the edge of a stream... dipping your toes into the water and swishing them around. Maybe you were just laying on a lawn somewhere. Not really doing anything, not thinking any sort of burdensome thoughts.

You may not have noticed, but on days like that, birds begin flying in tandem, bees synchronize their buzzing so that they buzz in harmonies and even some cats become friendly. OK, maybe I am stretching it with the bit about the cats.

Gerluz floats us along through this lazy waltz like a stroll through a flower garden. a bed of petunias is followed by some peonies followed by daisies... and look over there they even have some cauliflower! Ah but a waltz amongst the scented air is a delight indeed

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  Lazy Day Waltz

The Optimistic Nihilist
Plays Antonin Dvorak
Les Baricades Misterieuses
Transcendental Blues
Plays Scott Joplin
Indian Summer
San Francisco Steamer
St Augustine's Lament
The Bumblebee's Briefcase
Teddy's Tango
plays Lost Ragtime Masters
Gerluz Plays Claude Debussy
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