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Mar 17, 2020

Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow

Frogs have an interesting culture. They may not produce as many scientists as, say, newts... but they can jump much farther and are known to be better dancers. Frogs are pretty good singers too. ...As long as you keep them away from Puccini, there is nothing quite like a spontaneous frog chorus.

On a lovely spring day our valiant recordist hauled their gear into the depths of Henry Coe State Park, east of Gilroy Ca. The amphibious serenaders were out in force and making such a racket that the local scrub jays were having something to say about it.

In this recording you have about an hour of frogs singing... They sing all together for a while, then they will abruptly stop... then one of them will start up again, then another... I'm not sure who wrote the score but is seems like a pretty tricky performance. turn the volume down low and it is the perfect thing to lull you to sleep on a winter's eve.

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  Frog Hollow

Plays Antonin Dvorak
Les Baricades Misterieuses
Transcendental Blues
Plays Scott Joplin
Indian Summer
San Francisco Steamer
St Augustine's Lament
The Bumblebee's Briefcase
Teddy's Tango
plays Lost Ragtime Masters
Gerluz Plays Claude Debussy
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