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Aug 09, 2019



Gort Braggern synthesizes the anthem to the upcoming technological "Singularity!"

The are many concepts of the upcoming "Singularity." Here Gort is focusing upon just one: the moment when humans will be able to "upload their consciousness" into a machine. Sound like fun, eh? Just think of it... no more soggy toast!! To stay true to the spirit of the song, Gort assures us that no human vocal cords where used in the recording of this tune.

The future's here at last
  upload your mind.
Neurons are the past.

Welcome to the world
  of the techno-revolution.
Now we take the next step
  of human evolution.

Silicone / wetware interface,
  plug me in, begin the trace.
All my brain waves will be captured,
  I'm gonna be part of the digital rapture.

Let the world rejoice.
  Machines will have a voice.
Put an end to suffering,
  simplify the choice.

Our processes run faster,
  our circuits never sleep.
Come be a robot hero
  and bring the world our peace.

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