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Jun 11, 2020

The Tiny Jalopy

The Tiny Jalopy Cover

It clatters, it shakes it rattles and pops. The Old Jalopy comes sauntering down the street in a cloud of dust and a rhythm that make you think it might have the hiccoughs. It is a racket and a hazard and an eyesore to our town. But it owned by old Ms. Primbottom who has been driving it for 95 years and isn't going to stop now!

Yessir, all of the children come running and the cats scat in fear when Mrs Plumbottom and her jalopy shimmy down the street 'cause it's a little bit like a circus parade all by itself. One of the rear fenders is doing acrobatics, the radiator blows steam and her Jack Russel Terrier named Archie is bouncing all over the back seat barking at everything he thinks is a squirrel... and he has bad eyesight and a good imagination.

The fellas down at the barber shop keep track of Mrs, Plumbottom & her old Jalopy. They know she has the oil changed regularly and had new tires in 1984. Jeb Risner says he can't figure out how the thing manages to start every time, but Walter Beck says her heard her starting it up once at the grocers and it got right to it just like Doc Withers at a pancake social. They're all wondering how long that old Jalopy's gonna last....

Well, I suppose that old jalopy is going to keep going a long time... just like Mrs Plumbottom

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  The Tiny Jalopy

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