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Aug 11, 2016

Alaskan Songbirds by Mosquito Lake

Mosquito Lake

While traipsing through Alaska, our recordist set up their mics on a hillside a few miles beyond a lake named "Mosquito Lake." You may be surprised to learn there are no mosquitos on the recording, but it is true, there are no mosquitos, they had been distracted earlier.

You see, when driving past the lake, our recordist noticed there were some people having a barbecue. A flock of mosquitos had been attracted to the smell of the grilling meat and some of them were trying to carry off the smaller children. While the adults were distracted protecting their children, the remainder of the flock was stealing the sausages & burgers right from the grill. Picnics in Alaska are not for the feint of heart.

With the mosquitoes well fed on barbecue, our recordist was able to proceed farther along and up a hill where they were able to set up their microphones in safety.

Out in the stillness of the woods there were a few songbirds singing their hearts out. Laying claims to their territory or looking for a date. One interesting thing about the recording is the sense of an echo. and there wasn't cliff, or even a very steep hill side, anywhere near. Just trees, lots of big trees.

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  Alaskan Songbirds by Mosquito Lake
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