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Nov 12, 2020

Les Bergeries

Les Bergeries_cover

Gerluz brings you a blast from the past! Yes, Now you can get all nostalgic about your childhood days listening to this 18th-centruy Harpsichord tune played on an entirely different instrument! Well, not entirely... they are both keyboard instruments that have strings.

Les Bergeries is a Harpsichord piece written by François Couperin. He originally published it in 1717 in his "Pieces for Harpsichord," Book two, Suite 6. If you muse have it in the original: "Second livre de pièces de clavecin. Sixième Ordre: IV. La Bersan." Yes Gerluz is going for Baroque with all of the trills and frills that the harpsichordists of the day found so useful on their instrument... Except Gerluz prefers using his piano with a few alterations to the original music.

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