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Apr 20, 2018


Selfie Cover

Gort Braggern makes his Chicken House Records debut with the song Selfie.
Yes, it is nearly Pop Music, go figure.

Got a phone in my hand
  take a picture with my phone
    and that picture, yes, its gonna be of me

Gonna twitter, Instagram it
  swipe it right it will be the hit
        Cause it's really what the world needs to see

See my Smiling face
      all over the place
    Selfie, selfie
Oh my gosh, how beautiful I am!

Picture, picture, picture
    put my picture on the wall
Till you realize I am the fairest of them all

It took 200 pictures
    just so I could get it right
But you just have to admit that I am really quite a sight

Such pretty eyes
  that will hypnotize
    selfie     selfie        


See my selfie Me
    be my selfie me
set my selfie free
    me my selfie....

Go ahead and click it
    get up close and lick it
but if you do not pick it
    you can go and stick it

See my selfie Me
    set my selfie free


Everybody come
    and take a picture of yourself

Hold your phone up high and click it, pic it oh so well

Send it to your friends
    and put it on the TV
Come on everybody take a selfie with me

Come join along and
    Sing our song...
    selfie selfie

We should make this a national holiday!!!

Woo hoo

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