Chicken House Recording artist Gerlüz Chicken House Recording artist Gerlüz
Chicken House Recording artist Gerlüz
  plays Antonin Dvorak
  plays Scott Joplin
  Indian Summer
  San Francisco Steamer
  St Augustines Lament
  Teddy's Tango
  plays Lost Ragtime Masters
  plays Claude Debussy
  Gerlüz Biography
The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble
  Les Baricades Misterieuses
  Transcendental Blues
  Bunblebees Breifcase
  She Said Yes
Sonic Landscapes

There were rumors going around about this amazing pianist. His name was Gerlüz (pronounced "ger-looz"). Nobody knew where he came from. Nobody knew where he would show up next......

He seemed to avoid venues where his talents would get the widest exposure and greatest appreciation, preferring seedy watering holes and establishments of questionable repute, showing up for a few days or a few weeks and then moving on.

We eventually caught up with the illusive pianist, tracking him down in a strip club outside of Toledo. We were just in time, apparently he had been becoming disillusioned with the U.S. and was considering returning to the more lively brothels of Europe. Although he was quite reticent about being recorded we persuaded him to come to our studios.

His most recent offering:

Gerluz plays Antonin Dvorak
Including the "Serenade for strings, Op. 22" transcribed for two pianos and the complete Humoresques/

Gerluz plays Scott Joplin
21 Joplin tunes played with a gentle hand

"Gerlüz plays Lost Ragtime Masters"
14 previously unknown Rags by Lost Masters of Ragtime Piano

"Gerlüz plays Claude Debussy"
19 of the melodies of Claude Debussy played with the Gerlüz touch.


Some Gerluz Videos:

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