Antonin Dvorak Gerluz plays Antonin Dvorak Dvorak Serenade for strings
  plays Antonin Dvorak
      Serenade for Strings
      8 Humoresques
  plays Scott Joplin
  Indian Summer
  San Francisco Steamer
  St Augustines Lament
  Teddy's Tango
  plays Lost Ragtime Masters
  plays Claude Debussy
  Gerlüz Biography
The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble
  Les Baricades Misterieuses
  Transcendental Blues
  Bunblebees Breifcase
  She Said Yes
Sonic Landscapes
HumoresquesAntonin Dvorak published the 8 Humoresques in 1894. He was 53 at the time and had been living in living in New York City. During the summer months he took his family to Vysoká u Příbrami in Bohemia where he completed the series in just under 6 weeks.


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