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the Music of Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin CoverGerlüz writes.......

I have always enjoyed the American Ragtime. I first heard them when I was a young man and had just come to the city from my country home. I loved the jaunty rhythms and the soulful passages. I read about the life of Scott Joplin and of his stoic melancholy. Yet, unlike so many of his contemporaries, he was able to write his songs down and get them published to a wider audience.

Thank you for your interest.


The Collection of Gerluz playing the music of Scott Joplin includes the following 21 Ragtime songs:
1. Elite Syncopations
2. Rose Leaf Rag
3. The Chrysanthemum - an Afro-American Intermezzo
4. Original Rags
5. Pleasant Moments
6. Antoinette
7. Nonpariel
8. Augustan Club Waltz
9. Paragon Rag
10. Bink's Waltz
11.The Easy Winners
12 Peacherine Rag
13. Magnetic Rag
14. Fig Leaf Rag
15.A Breeze from Alabama
16. Solace
17. Leola
18 Combination March
19. Harmony Club Waltz
20. Weeping Willow
21. Scott Joplin's New Rag


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