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Gerluz Plays Claude Debussy

debussyOnce again the intrepid Gerlüz comes through with another outstanding release. This time he has tickled the ivories in the French fashion with 19 Pieces of Claude Debussy's piano works.

Gerluz Comments:

I was working in Bavaria, Land of the Great Oompah. The Mistress of the house had fashioned herself to be French and worshipped all things Parisian. She especially loved the music of Claude Debussy and requested I learn his work, Playing Debussy inside while Oktoberfest was going on outside made her rooms seem quite exotic indeed. Patrons would stumble in after celebrating. When their heads were filled with liters of lager and hours of Oompah, sometimes the contrast was too great.

One night a local Bürgermeister tottered in, dressed in his finest Oktoberfest lederhösen. He was a mean man and so much beer did not improve his disposition. He sat to wait, humming the oompah music he had been listening to outside. But Beer & Bratwurst are no match for Debussy Wielded by Gerlüz! As I saw him slipping into an alcoholic stupor I made my move. I had begun by matching the tempo of the Oompah song he was humming, now I played slower with more sentiment, watching his mind wander as his head began to nod. I played heartbreakingly, You could see him traveling back to the days of his innocence.

Finally he broke down weeping. "Mama, Mama, where did I go wrong?" he cried.

Madam heard the commotion and came in. "There there , Herr Muller, It's all right. Come with me, my little schnitzel," She fixed me with a very stern look as she took him into the back, but as she turned to go, I saw her smile... just a bit.


This CD has 19 tracks on it including the complete Children's Corner & the Suite Bergamasque.
the complete track list is as follows:

1. Arabesque No.1
2. Arabesque No.2
3. Le Petit Negre
4. Danse Bohemmienne
5. Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum
6. Jimbo's Lullaby
7. Serenade of the Doll
8. The Snow is Dancing
9. The Little Shepard
10. Golliwogs Cakewalk
11. Revirie
12. Mazurka
13 Suite Bergamasque: Prelude
14. Menuet
15. Clair de Lune
16. Passapied
17. Danse
18. La Plus Que Lent
19. Piece pour le Vetement du blesse


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