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Sonic Landscapes

Some people go on vacations and take snapshots of the kids and scenic locations.

But what if that location has interesting sounds?

We travel around with a set of good mics and recording equipment. With these we collect places that have interesting or unique sounds.

This is Dragon's Mouth Spring in Yosemite National Park.
The Microphones were coupled to the ground to help capture the subterranean thumbs and rumbles as volumes of gas and boiling water passed from one chamber to the next in their journey to the surface. These breached the earth at the back of a long chamber in the side of a hill. The water sloshes and splorshes across the holding pond to break and roll back, repeating the cycle.
This recording has lots of lovely, low-frequency sounds that may not come across on tiny computer speakers and you certainly won't feel them through ear buds, but the wet splorshing is always fun!


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