Chicken House Records: Music for the eclectic music listener Chicken House Records: Music for the eclectic music listener
  plays Antonin Dvorak
  plays Scott Joplin
  Indian Summer
  San Francisco Steamer
  St Augustines Lament
  Teddy's Tango
  plays Lost Ragtime Masters
  plays Claude Debussy
The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble
  Les Baricades Misterieuses
  Transcendental Blues
  Bunblebees Breifcase
  She Said Yes
Sonic Landscapes

Out in the vast reaches of intergalactic space, lone stars and planets wander. Flung from their home galaxies by forces beyond their control, these lost stars are sometimes destined to wander forever... Sometimes circumstance and serendipity align so that two of these bodies pass close enough in such away that henceforth their wanderings through the universe is shared. Chance might intervene again so they are joined by another ...and another until they become a small stellar cluster, illuminating the surrounding space with their emittance.

The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble is one such cluster.They are a collection of musicians that come from a variety of backgrounds and experience; Lawyers, plumbers, pastry chefs and back hoe operators. They all share a love of music. None of them will admit to being a "Professional" musician. They make their incomes outside of this particular grouping. They play and record together for the sheer enjoyment of the music and each other. They have no plans of touring any time soon.

So please, welcome and enjoy.

Most recently:
Francois Couperin's "Les Baricades Mistereuses


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