Chicken House Records: Music for the eclectic music listener Chicken House Records: Music for the eclectic music listener

  plays Antonin Dvorak
  plays Scott Joplin
  Indian Summer
  San Francisco Steamer
  St Augustines Lament
  Teddy's Tango
  plays Lost Ragtime Masters
  plays Claude Debussy
The Nouveau Guinea Wind Ensemble
  Les Baricades Misterieuses
  Transcendental Blues
  Bunblebees Breifcase
  She Said Yes
Sonic Landscapes

Chicken House Records,

Land of strange and enchanting music and acoustic pictures of interesting places.

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Gerlux plays The Optimistic Nihilist

Gerlux plays Starlight

The Nouveau Guinea Ensemble play Savanoia

Gerluz plays Parallax with the assistance of the Nouveau Guinea Ensemble

Gerluz Playas Antonin Dvorak

The Guineas go Baroque with an arrangement of Les Baricades Misteriuses

The Nouveau Guinea Ensemble getting wild on the Bumblebees Briefcase

Gerluz Plays Lost Ragtime Masters:
14 previously unknown and unheard Ragtime Classics.


locomotive rag video

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Chicken House Records sounds for the enquireing ear

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